How Can You Learn Martial Arts Techniques?

Join Beyond The Belt Martial Arts Academy in Far Rockaway, NY

Beyond The Belt Martial Arts Academy maintains a 2,000 square foot martial arts facility where students of all ages learn karate basics, develop self-discipline and gain self-confidence. The owners have over 45 years of martial arts experience. We rely on “tough love” training techniques to encourage you to challenge yourself each day.

For 14 years, residents of Far Rockaway, NY have benefited from martial arts programs, competitions and after-school programs at our facility. Sign up today for:

Learn how to properly kick, punch, spar and wield weapons. Call today to learn more about the opportunities available at our martial arts facility.

Get your kids involved in a healthy after-school activity

Get your kids involved in a healthy after-school activity

Martial arts classes are a great way to teach children how to set goals and practice self-discipline. We feature youth martial arts programs after school to provide your children with a safe and fun environment where they can learn martial arts basics, get help with their homework and develop a positive self-image along the way.

Beyond The Belt Martial Arts Academy in Far Rockaway is conveniently located near public transportation, so it’s easy to get to after school. With our open-door policy, you’re welcome to stop by anytime to see first-hand how your child is progressing.

Life in or near Far Rockaway, NY? Become a member today

Memberships are available for kids and adults. Call today for your free sign-up bonus!

During the third week of a four-week trial, we’ll consult with you to make sure you enjoy martial arts and want to continue on your journey with us. Contact us now to get started. We look forward to seeing you!