Martial Arts Classes Empower Students of All Ages

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Are you looking for an opportunity to develop confidence, learn new skills and gain self-discipline? Beyond The Belt Martial Arts Academy offers a variety of martial arts classes for students of all ages. You’ll have the chance to exercise your confidence and sharpen your agility skills through martial arts training.

We’re conveniently located in Far Rockaway, NY near public transportation, to make it easy for you to get to class after school or work. Martial arts training is fun for the whole family, so call today to sign up for a membership.

Check out our martial arts programs

Check out our martial arts programs

With a range of programs available, we’re sure to have one that fits your needs and interests. Choose from a variety of classes, including:

    • STARS program: Learn the basics of self-defense, sparring and weaponry.
    • Leadership program: Students in the accelerated program get a chance to shine as members of the demo team.
    • Karate classes: Learn how to strike, kick, punch and spar with opponents.
    • Weaponry training: Learn the warrior art of employing a weapon or tool.
    • Modern jiujitsu classes: You’ll learn floor techniques and sparring.
    • Marital Arts Starter Program
    • Uniform included with these two available choices: 4 weeks for only $49 (4 classes one time a week for Monday or Wednesday). And 4 Weeks for only $89 (2 classes two times a week for Monday & Wednesday) best value

Seize the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn a new skill. Call today to sign up for martial arts classes in Far Rockaway, NY.