Arm Yourself With Self-Defense Techniques

Arm Yourself With Self-Defense Techniques

Check out our self-defense classes in Far Rockaway, NY

If you were faced with an attacker, would you know how to react? Don’t be a victim—learn how to defend yourself effectively in any situation. Beyond The Belt Martial Arts Academy offers self-defense classes that are based on martial arts training. These classes are an elevation of the basics, which include practicing potential situations where your safety could be compromised. We’ll cover:

  • Different angles
  • Grabbing from behind
  • Rolls and falls
  • Eye contact

Develop the self-confidence you need to stand up for yourself in a dangerous situation. Call now to enroll in a self-defense class at Beyond The Belt Martial Arts Academy in Far Rockaway, NY.

Evening self-defense classes are available

If you’re busy working during the day, take our evening self-defense classes. You’ll be able to learn self-defense techniques after hours and arm yourself with self-confidence. Take advantage of this opportunity for self-improvement – call today to sign up.