Discover What Your Child Can Achieve Through Martial Arts Training

Enroll your child in our youth martial arts program in Far Rockaway, NY

Do your children need structure and a safe place where they can learn self-disciple and self-confidence? Beyond The Belt Martial Arts Academy offers so much more than your average after-school program. Our youth program gives your children the chance to learn martial arts and get the help they need with their homework. With a 94% completion rate, kids of all ages have enjoyed challenging themselves and learning new skills each day in our youth martial arts program.

Introducing Beyond the Belt's 2017-2018 After School Program

After School enrollment is currently in progress for the 2017-2018 academic year. Generally we provide Monday through Friday service from 2:30pm-6:30pm with a grace period for pick up until 7:00pm.  We also accommodate half days and certain single school day closures.  

  •  Our qualified staff ensures a 95% homework completion rate.  The same dynamics of martial arts discipline applies to homework.  

  •  Van pick up services from school are available with plans offered for as little as $30 weekly.    

We highly recommend our Weekly School Year Plan as outlined in the attachment which covers many after school needs, conveniently bundled at a single discounted rate and also offers van pick up & recreational martial arts should you choose not to enroll your child into our core martial arts program. 


Interested in enrolling your child into a core martial arts program and after school services? No problem you can have it both ways.  With a martial arts enrollment you can save up to %20 on after school services.  

What does the youth martial arts program involve?

What does the youth martial arts program involve?

When you enroll your child in our youth program, they’ll have a supportive and structured environment where they can learn how to set goals and practice self-discipline. During the after-school program your child will:

  • Practice martial arts
  • Get homework help
  • Participate in movement and learning games
  • Develop techniques for setting goals

We’re competent in Common Core standards and offer classes that run until 7 p.m. We have an open-door policy, so feel free to stop by and watch what your kids are learning each day.

Do you homeschool your child? Our youth martial arts program is great opportunity for your child to get involved in a physical education program alongside students their age. Call now to enroll your child in our youth program in Far Rockaway, NY.